Meet The Author: Keary Hayes

Femboy Reform School is easily my best seller. I can see why, as what’s not to love about a reform school where cute, shy, confused boys get turned into filthy, depraved, eager, happy sluts? I’ve played around with the idea of writing some sequels as people have asked, but I don’t want to keep treading the same ground. I have a few ideas though so maybe this year will be when I finally put fingers to keyboard!

Meet The Author: Nikki Crescent

Nikki Crescent is a bestselling Canadian author of transgender and crossdressing stories. She is considered to be the queen of the genre by her fellow writers. She releases books weekly and is extraordinarily prolific.

Meet The Author: Yummi Cox

Yumi is a young writer on the rise from the beautiful city of Newcastle, Australia via Kyoto, Japan. Growing up amongst the rich culture of Japan, she was able to explore her imagination through comic books, short stories and classic novels. She became a writer of erotic romance in order to embrace the duality of her life.

Meet The Author: Diane Woods

Diane has bee writing transgender fiction a long time but only in 2021 decided to publish new material on Amazon. Since then, she has rediscovered her love of writing fiction – transgender fiction, to be precise.

Meet The Author: Kenzie McKay

What was your first book that you wrote? Candy. It also may be my silliest. It’s the story of a man who is magically feminized by his roommate because he won’t stop eating all the Easter candy. Easter 2022 was just around the corner, so I challenged myself to write a story involving

Meet The Author: Lilly Lustwood

Lilly Lustwood is a transgender woman who writes Sissification, Feminization, and Transgender Romance based on her memoirs. When she’s not writing, she studies astrology, feng shui, and new-age spirituality. When did you start writing erotica books and what was your inspiration for it? My love for sex, haha, xo.

Read The Opening To Ruby’s Rose: A Flower For The Plucking

The bed was super king-size. I had never seen a bed so big. One we could all get into, and there was still space. Funny that it was called King size though, as it was brimming with Queens, dykes, sluts and of course, me. Little girl lost and over her head. Loungy trance music wafted across the room.
Slumped on one side of the bed was Sometimes Sasha, our gorgeous…

Who are the girls in your stories about Hannah? Is Ruby a real person?

I get asked this question almost daily, especially about Ruby. So yeah, she is a real person. I began writing about Hannah and her journey as a way of sharing my own experiences, particularly in the noughties when I first ventured ‘out’. I was extraordinarily lucky in so much as almost the first people I met when moving to London were Ruby and Isobel…

Meet The Author: Alexa Martinez, aka Lady Alexa

When did you start writing books and what was your inspiration for it? I started out with my blog as I was inspired to write about my behind closed doors FLR marriage and how I encouraged my husband into female clothes and routines around the home. We had searched online and only found porn or…

Meet The Author: Jane Futa

I decided to run a series of interviews with authors who write for our community and have been thrilled to read their insights, responses and personal stories. Please do read their books. Now, let’s meet Jane Futa. Jane is an Amazon bestselling author who loves to write romantic and erotic transgender fiction about gender transformation, …

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